Our Values

Crossroads works closely with our Artisan partners to design and produce our ever evolving collections.  We are intrinsically connected to these fabulous artists, woman's groups, and fellow designers.  Our long standing relationships and commitment to building a better future for all of us, is a foundational value.

Crossroads works with mostly Woman Owned groups of Artisans to create Handcrafted Accessories and Jewelry that is beautiful and affordable.  The Artisans and Crossroads always agree on fair prices that will cover the cost of labor and materials that will allow the groups to earn fair compensations for their work. The Artisans groups dictate prices and terms for Crossroads.  This arrangement allows the groups to develop and grow their businesses organically.

Fair wages allow the Artisans to meet their needs and live and work near or in their homes.  This creates an environment for the mostly women artists to create homes and communities of support for their families, as well as keep them from entering into undesirable professions.

Some of our greatest pleasure comes from working closely on Design with our partners. Drawing on inspiration from emerging trends and classic forms we create designs for adornments that are always enhanced by the skilled hands and eyes of our friends.